Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Metric

In 2016, Rolex’s steel black ceramic circle Dietong Na with unique shape and superior inner, hanging the watch enthusiasts appetite, became the year one of the most influential chronograph watch. Store is in short supply, has been out of stock situation, to wait for a long time to row from the store to the ordering criteria, which shows its hot degree. In 2017, Rolex added Daytona 18ct gold section, 18ct white gold section and 18ct eternal rose gold section, three precious metal new timepieces will be high technology and extraordinary aesthetics of a furnace, and to this legendary chronograph cheap replica watches excellence Traditional tribute. Once again with black ceramic as a bezel design, design inspiration from the 1965 version of the black resin glass outer ring, add new charm for the three new timepieces. Today, for everyone to introduce, is one of the 18ct gold section Di Tonga. (Watch model: 116518LN)

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For the timing of the birth of Dayton

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Metric
Rolex Dayton was born in 1963. At that time, the brand in the introduction of a new time is not called Di Tong Na, happens to run into the United States Daytona beach racing event opening, so the homeopathic of the watch to choose the competition as the designated time of the competition equipment, and ultimately with excellent results Was selected, “Daytona” (Daytona) also became the name of this excellent timepiece spread so far. After 54 years of it, still maintain the classic design of the year, combined with Rolex heavy quality consistent style, the traditional classic and modern aesthetic and excellent practicality combined to create this golden-like Rolex Oyster Heng moving Universe meter type Di Dayong gold watch.

40mm 18K Gold Oyster Case
New Daytona 18K gold as a case material, compared with last year’s steel, more shining, luxury. After polished polished, the gold material full of color and attractive, showing the atmosphere, the first impression of publicity. With the same last year, with the high-tech manufacturing Cerachrom ceramic outer ring, not only full of texture, and has a corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, even if the UV radiation does not fade and many other excellent performance.

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In addition, the brand to PVD coating technology in the bezel display figures and marked with a layer of 18ct gold film, making the outer ring speed information can be more intuitive and clear to show. Cerachrom is a one-piece shape that is developed using the Rolex patented technology.
Ditten is beautiful

Sun radiation pattern dial

The details of the dial show
Sun radiation pattern dial, 9:00 marked the 12-hour time disk and 6 marked when the small seconds, 3 times the standard 30-minute time disk against each other, showing the symmetry of the watch surface beauty. Central gold chronograph design sense of full, and three small function board co-showing the connotation of this watch style.

Watch luminous function display
In the gold dial, the three-dimensional time scale and the central hour and minute hand are covered with Rolex patented luminous part of the dark environment in the show Yingying luminous, easy to read, very beautiful.

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Triangle pit posterior cover
Rear cover with Rolex has always been the secret process design, triangular pit bottom cover to brand exclusive special tools tighten, the case sealed, reliable. Using the Rolex 4130 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, the power reserve of about 72 hours. Equipped with the Rolex patented blue Parachrom gossamer, made by Rolex’s unique alloy, can greatly avoid the interference of external magnetic field, making the clock travel time more secure, more seismic performance. In addition, the watch also won the Rolex 2015 laid the top of the Observatory certification, to ensure the accuracy of travel time.

Rolex patented waterproof rubber strap
Equipped with Rolex R & D and patented Oyster strap and clasp, the waterproof performance is more superior. 18K gold clasp, with a 5 mm ductility, and can quickly adjust the degree of loose strap, very convenient.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Metric
Summary: the performance of excellence, the senses more luxurious, publicity Rolex new Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Dietong gold watch to bring us another watch feast. Heritage brand stability rock quality, has become worth looking forward to this year’s new outstanding timepieces, like the table friends, may wish to wait for it to come.

Rolex replica 3235 movement can be put into the 36 mm case?

Not long ago, I wrote a “new 126334/126300 after the advent of Rolex 3 DJ how to buy? “, The text mentioned, Rolex in 126333,126334,126300 as the representative of the new DATE JUST 41, completed a new generation of 3235 movement of the facelift. At present, Rolex official website, store the new 41 mm DATE JUST are using the new 3235 movement. At the same time, Rolex replica 36 mm DATE JUST is still using the 3135 movement, as for the 36 mm DJ for the new movement, when the new movement is unknown. After the release of the article, it was said, “3235 movement simply do not fall into the 36 mm case it,” or why this year the new sea so why increase the dial it should be 3235 movement size reasons. “That a new generation of 3235 movement may Does not apply to the 36mm DATE JUST. This question is very interesting, because I also thought about this before, but also ask ourselves, 36 DJ can not use 3235 movement?

7436 7437
36 DJ can use 3235 is a more meaningful question, this problem will affect some players. If the 3235 can not be used in the 36 DJ, so good, we can rest assured that the bold buy 36 mm DJ, do not have to worry about the movement,cheap replica watches outdated; if 3235 can be used in the 36 DJ, then buy 36 DJ, if next year for the new movement, some people may be awkward heart. So today I and you explore, infer that, 3235 can be used in the 36 DJ.
Rolex new 41 mm DATE JUST (on) and Rolex 36 mm DATE JUST (below), two pictures I used the same proportion, we can see the size of the two fake watches difference.

Now we will ask this question, because Rolex did not give the new 3235 detailed size, specification data. Some players see the use of 32 series movement Rolex are large caliber, 40 mm DAY DATE, 41 mm DATE JUST, 43 mm new SEA DWELLER, except for the following 40 models. So will doubt, is not because the size of the 3235 movement bigger, 32 series movement can only be used in 40 mm and 40 above the table. Even in front of the view that this year the reason why the new SEA DWELLER increased to 43 is also because of the reasons for the movement (the new sea to change the reasons, I will write an article alone to talk about). Although Rolex official did not give 3235 movement detailed data, but I also collected some 3235 information, we come to compare the previous generation 3135 movement and a new generation of 3235 movement to see if the 3235 can be installed to 36 Shell.

Rolex 3135 technical specifications are:
Diameter 28.5 mm, 31 stone bearings, waving frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage for 48 hours. Early 3135 using KIF shock absorber, Nivarox gossamer, after the replacement for the Rolex exclusive Paraflex shock absorber and Parachrom blue gossamer.
Rolex 3235 technical specifications are (not official, data from the people):
Diameter 28.5 mm, precious stones bearing 31, wobble 28,800 times / time, the total number of parts 201, power storage 70 hours, the use of new Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorber, Parachrom blue gossamer.

Rolex 3135 movement (on) and Rolex 3235 movement (below), according to folk information, the size of the two movements is the same.
I would like to emphasize that although Rolex did not give 3235 official data, but I from a number of foreign articles, information, all inquiries to the 3235 movement diameter is 28.5 mm, not a single, but I see a display 3235 size Of the information are written 28.5 mm, and 3135 size the same (two years ago, Rolex launched the first 32 series movement 3255, I checked once, then found the data is 28.5). So I think the 3235 diameter 28.5 mm data is credible and should be true. The previous generation 3135 and now the new 3235 movement size is the same, so it can be inferred, 3235 can be used in the 36 mm DATE JUST on. Should not exist 3235 can only be used in the 40 mm and above large caliber luxury replica watches on the issue.
Because now Rolex has not yet 36 mm DATE JUST this classic style to replace the 3235 movement, so a lot of players caused the speculation, which is an indisputable fact.
Rolex 3135 movement dismantling map
Guess one: Rolex has always been based on the speed of technological change, the replacement of a new technology will last for several years, and gradually from the gold flagship model began, and gradually to the gold, stainless steel decentralized, one year updated one or two models. Some people infer that wait until the steel shell devil dress up the new 3235 movement, may be close to 2020. 41 mm DJ this year has been replaced by 3235, 36 mm next year, DJ can not put on, really hard to say. Rolex production, replacement movement is a huge process, the process will be relatively long.

Guess two: Some players believe that Rolex is also possible in the DAY DATE 40; DATE JUST 41 these large diameter models using the new 3235 movement, in some other models on the use of 3135 watches. With a different two movements, the formation of price distinction. I personally feel that this is unlikely. Industrial production is about to simplify, especially Rolex this large output of the brand, should not engage in two sets of standards, two systems. Rolex in the introduction of a new generation of 32 series movement also wrote, 32 series movement 90% of the parts are completely new design, and 31 series is not common. Moreover, Rolex replica watches has never been engaged in two sets of standards.
Rolex 3235 movement of the wheel train structure, it should be noted that Rolex’s new generation of 32 series movement is the center of the wheel wheel layout, and the center of the four-wheel layout of the 3135 movement is completely different.
So we can infer:
First, Rolex is sure to do a good job of the 32 series of new movement layout, all male and large caliber female table (39 mm pearl lady) in the future are 32 series movement, small size female watch are 2235 series movement (including silicon Gossamer 2236). 36mm table is certainly 3235 new movement. First of all, 36 mm is the most classic size of Rolex, the real neutral size, can not be canceled, since there are 36 mm, the future do not have 3235 movement, will it be back with 3135? (Do not forget, 3135 movement is out of 1988), do not use female watch 2235,2236 it? impossible. Therefore, the movement of cheap Rolex replica is not not change, is not yet the time. Rolex each year in the Basel watch show, the new technology down to one or two models, this year is 43 mm SEA DWELLER and steel shell 41 mm DJ, the next step is who, look at next year’s watch show.