Rolex replica congratulated Roger Federer on the 18th Grand Slam® Tournament

Geneva, January 29, 2017 – Roger Federer rehearsers tennis history, won the Australian Open for the fifth time and also won his 18th Grand Slam (Grand Slam) ®) championship, extraordinary achievements, no one can and.

Since 2010, after defeating Andy Murray (Andy Murray) to win, this is Federer sixth time in Melbourne among the men’s singles finals, is also the first time in the Rodravo Arena (Rod Laver Arena) game. The Swiss champion and rival Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) bitter fight 5, win over rivals, to lay the status of its great player in the history of the position.
Since 2001, Federer has been working with Rolex replica. There is no doubt that he is an outstanding figure in the tennis, brilliant achievements, has ranked the world’s first total number of weeks for 302 weeks, which in February 2004 to August 2008 more consecutive 237 weeks ranked tennis king throne.

Roger Federer, who won the first Grand Slam® Championship at the Wimbledon Championship in 2003, has been on the top spot for sports achievement. His outstanding achievements, not only for the tennis industry, but also to enjoy his lofty status, even outside the altar highly respected. Such as golfers such as Arnold Plamer, Jean-Claude Killy, and Jackie Stewart, the legendary racing driver, as well as other Rolex sports replica spokespersons, such as golf star Arnold Plamer, Roger Federer is always associated with the great master of the match, in all walks of life will always hold a seat between the elite, and recognized by the world.

Rolex congratulated the spokesperson Roger Federer won the 18th Grand Slam® Grand Prix
Rolex replica watches and Federer sympathetic, like-minded, so the establishment of a long-term relations of cooperation. Only a handful of athletes as excellent as him, and with extraordinary talent and noble reputation on behalf of Rolex brand image.

Rolex congratulated Roger on his historic 18th Grand Slam® championship and fully supported and extended his extraordinary journey.

Three new women’s replica watches recommended

For most women, a watch to show soft and elegant temperament worn in the wrist, it will be more refined temperament. In particular, modern society is highly expected that women in the work, life and leisure everywhere in both practical and elegant women, so each watch brand to create a variety of unparalleled ladies watch. The following watch editor recommended three women with soft style of the new replica watches.

Rolex Women’s Log Series 279135RBR Chocolate Color Dial Watch


Watch series: women’s log type
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: This Rolex women replica ‘s log-type series of watches, exudes a charming woman charm. Rolex chocolate color dial, most of the processes are artificially created, and strive to perfect, unique design, the color makes the watch easier to identify, deep color easier to read, hourly mark to long lasting glossy 18ct gold made. Under the outer ring there are hidden connection components, making the strap and the case seamless docking, showing a very good visual effects. Screw-in double-buckle double waterproof system crown, plus a small window convex lens can zoom in, aesthetics and function perfect combination. Watch with Rolex 2236 automatic winding mechanical constant movement, the movement into the case after the positive and negative within two seconds or less the error, accurate and reliable, power reserve 55 hours.

Blancpain Women Series 6104-4628-95A watch


Watch series: women’s series
Watch diameter: 29.20 mm
Case thickness: 9.20 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: steel diamond
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: Blancpain has been as the cornerstone of the table, advocate exquisite and elegant way of life. In the female watch design, it is embodies the feminine tenderness and elegance only beauty. This Blancpain women’s series of fake watches us, the use of black and white overall tone of the reconciliation, is also a representative of the wild models. White simple on the dial, twelve diamonds inlaid in the scale position, the free pointer to walk regularly. Made of stainless steel watch outer ring decorated with a diamond, elegant and noble temperament followed. With black crocodile leather strap, to ensure that when wearing a perfect dress and wrist between. Watch equipped with 953 model movement, with automatic winding function, the movement contains 175 internal parts, the process of complex and superb, power reserve 40 hours.

Athens jade exquisite series 3103-125B / 591 watch


Watch series: jade exquisite
Watch diameter: 36 x 39 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel diamond, 78 diamonds
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: Athens watch has always been synonymous with fashion charm, this elegant series of elegant jade cheap replica watches, from the overall appearance point of view, you can reveal the beauty of tenderness tenderness. Pure white gives a cold temperament, but the dial with diamonds on the curve, but also into the feelings of a small woman, hardness and softness. This unique design just replaced the digital scale with a small dial instead, novel fashion. Stainless steel case inlaid with 56 diamonds, white pearl Fritillaria surface inlaid 22 diamonds, with satin material strap and folding clasp, highlights the noble and elegant temperament. Watch carrying UN-310 model movement, power reserve 48 hours.
Summary: a know how to wear, watch the woman watch, presumably more able to understand the ups and downs of life and change, but also know how to cherish the time, cherish the moment. Like this elegant and elegant replica watches sale online, its magical charm of elegance to attract all the delicate life in the modern women, wearing and women on the Hao wrist, presumably will be extremely dazzling.