Rolex replica Day-Date is purely luxurious

Sometimes feel that the election table is like the other half, the case of people, one is enough, because her customs million. My favorite watch is Rolex’s Day-Date, enduring, four precious metals and different materials with the color of the disk, it is indeed thousands of customs.

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Timepiece is to serve the human, in the form of tools into life. And for Rolex Day-Date, since its birth is a pure luxury. In 1956 for the first time came out, Rolex Day-Date (Oyster-style calendar calendar) watch only gold or platinum style. It is also the world’s first watch on the surface both the calendar window and can show all the weeks of the watch. Inherited the Rolex Oyster-style constant-action table waterproof, dustproof, and eye-catching blisters calendar display, and only the use of precious metal casting, once the advent of popular celebrities favored.

The first Day-Date Ref.6511
The first Day-Date was equipped with Rolex Cal.1055 movement, the movement to the non-card spring and screw fine-tuning balance so that this Day-Date at the time has been to maintain a competitive advantage. Then, after experiencing changes in the number of models of the watch models, the sapphire crystal mirror replaces the acrylic mirror, and adds the stop seconds and other functions. In 1988, we are familiar with the Cal.3135 movement appears, Day-Date also put on the cal.3135 added the week show cal.3155. Today, some of the sale of the Day-Date watch is still using this movement.

Day-Date II
Rolex Day-Date II launched in 2008, taking into account the changing aesthetic of the people, the table will be increased to 41 mm, cancel the leather strap, all with the precious metal headband and crown clasp, is the Day- Date pushed the pinnacle of the whole precious metal watch. The movement also uses a high shock resistance and anti-magnetic Parachrom gossamer and the new Paraflex shock absorber Cal.3156 movement, precision and stability has been further improved.

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In early April saw a file Harden’s interview program, although only the lens of the thing, but still immediately by his wrist on the table attracted. Is a Day-Date II, pure gold and the most common white flour, but a singing and a beautiful, the United States is very pure.

Wait until this year in May Rolex new preview, I discovered this year Day-Date 40 also out of white face color, it is beautiful people suffocate.

Cal.3255 movement
Day-Date 40 as Rolex in 2015 the latest flagship Day-Date series of cheap replica watches, the appearance of two changes made, one case diameter reduced to 40 mm, more suitable for wearing wrist. Second, the Roman numerals change the shape of the font, it is more slender and simple. Using a new generation of Cal.3255-type movement, which has only 14 patents of the new movement, in the precision, power reserve, shock and magnetic performance reliability are very good, this movement also represents the Rolex Today’s most superb movement technology, even if not hidden in the oyster-style case, but still use the gold sleeve and other technology.

Last year’s green rose gold Day-Date 40 is very fashionable, green coated dial, the sun’s radiation pattern so that the green has a bright shiny shine, coupled with pink gold red metal color, quite reasonable.

And this year’s new white face children are painted white dial, dial through the repeated painting and other heating process cycle, showing a flawless white, coupled with the high purity of the gold standard, pure and clean, so that Day-Date 40 more For the dignity of luxury.
If there is only one good table in my life, my table must be Rolex’s Day-Date. Dear friends, what is your most right piece?

Cheap Rolex replica 2017 new exhibition

Recently, Rolex in Shanghai, “Rolex World” held 2017 Basel Rolex new exhibition preview. This is also in the beginning of this year after the Basel watch show, Rolex will be the new watches this year in the domestic focus show. Although the Basel Watch Fair, we have seen Rolex’s new watches, and one of the popular models were interpreted. But when we take a few months, once again recall Rolex this year’s new watches, indeed there will be new feelings and discoveries. After all, in the past few months, most of the Rolex 2017 new watch has appeared in the domestic market, and began trading, with the market reaction. So I want to do today, in combination with the current Rolex new watches market situation, put some new discoveries, details tell you, as a supplement, you can make a small reference. Some other photos of the watch I will be placed below.

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The first watches, the red sea of ​​the sea
The Red Sea makes no doubt that Rolex is the most heavyweight watch this year. This watch the various details, I have in the previous article in the detailed display to you, you players can also find these articles in the watch home. At present the new red sea of ​​the sea has been in the market, no surprise is that this is only used in the official price of more than Rolex to buy. According to the recent market, the price of the red sea in the 10 million or so (105,000 yuan, there will be high and low floating). But we can see, the red sea of ​​the rally or no ceramic ring steel Di strong. Ceramic ring steel has been out for more than a year, to today is still in the ultra-public price, and the market did not decline (super-more than a year, and continue). Scarlet Sea is now largely “fried” a freshness, the follow-up market reaction will not have the ceramic ring steel plate Di pass to get the heat. So I do not want to worry about the players, and so on for some time, the red sea of ​​the heat will drop. The price will return to reason. In addition to this, my other more in-depth feeling is that the sea so that the watches is thicker, the red sea to increase the size, although the thickness did not drop, but because of the larger, the proportion of better read, do not look so thick Taller.

The second watches, “Rubber Belt”
This year’s Rolex’s heat was taken by the Scarlet Letter and the month, and the other watches were less concerned with the two watches, but the other watches did have some changes. Let’s take a look at the “rubber belt” of Jindi. First of all, I would like to once again that the Rolex “rubber band” is not “pure rubber”. Accurate to say, it should be “rubber injection metal belt” because the inside of the tape is actually a metal belt, wrapped in a layer of rubber. This strap is the first time in the previous use of the gold shell yacht, this year has been used to get the gold shell Diet, before the Jindi’s belts are metal belts and belts. Rubber belt, including Rolex This rubber injection watch the biggest problem is the length can not be adjusted, so handmade people once the strap cut short, hand rough people can not wear, and only for the tape. Rolex in order to solve this problem (although not fundamentally resolved, can only be alleviated), in the new tape Jindi buckle plus the length of the strap fast tune, although this fast tune can not be a wide range of adjustment strap length, but there are , Than not strong, can be transferred, than can not be strengthened (this fast tune, some Rolex is not). In addition I would like to say a little. Jindi high price, and it is because the high price, the market small sales less, so many times can have a discount, some of the belt of Kim Di, in the discount, exchange rate and the secondary market and other factors, the price is actually no ceramic Circle of steel shell Ditong take your. The market is so strange ah, the same money, I am sure to buy the belt of the Jindi.

The third watches, steel shell Skywalker
I think Rolex with Skywalker and we opened a “joke”. Skywalker who just launched (I remember it is like 2012), is all gold, gold shell. Rolex only gold watch, we all know is DAY DATE (Cheryl I did not count). It is because the shell has been used without steel shell, so DAY DATE is Rolex flagship watch. Later Skywalker SKY-DWELLER came out, the calendar plus two places, is Rolex’s most complex watches, while in the past few years, has been the use of gold shell. The corresponding Skywalker has also become Rolex in the sale of the highest price of the watch (not all kinds of diamond, precious stones). So I would think, is DAY DATE’s flagship position is not guaranteed, Skywalker is Rolex’s new flagship? The result is that Rolex launched this year, steel shell Skywalker, Skywalker’s price came down. Between the gold days of the same line is the gold between the gold and platinum gold between the two, of which platinum and Rolex conventional 116334/116234, platinum ring, steel chain, the price is relatively low. This illustrates two questions. DAY DATE sit tight Rolex flagship head of the top spot, did not change; Skywalker out of the money, the price from heaven to the ground, that the shell is expensive, you can see the steel model, even the steel, it is, after all, Rolex There is no doubt that the most complicated watch is sold.

The fourth watches, drill circle package drill steel mosaic
I rarely mention the female form, today take this opportunity to say a female form. We all know that Rolex’s watches is very regular, whether it is number or watch the configuration. We are from a Rolex diamond, package drill, dog teeth, aperture these features can be resolved on a watch material, configuration. Rolex before the combination of dog teeth plus diamond drill scale, is a sign between the gold watches, such as 116233/116234, etc., bezel diamond ring is the symbol of gold shells Rolex. Rolex this year in the new women’s magazine to break the law, launched a drill ring, package drill scale steel plate female type. This combination greatly reduces the price of the watch at the same time, still ensure that the luxury of the watch, inlaid enough drill. So ladies and gentlemen please note that this watch is to ensure that the price and ensure that the face, please pay more attention.

Fifth watches, Rolex new yacht II

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This year Rolex made a small adjustment to the yacht II. Adjust the focus on the dial surface. First Rolex to the yacht II for the pointer. Before the yacht II pointer and DAY DATE, DATE JUST similar to the rod pointer. After all, the yacht II is a sport, so Rolex this year to the yacht II pointer into the movement of the iconic Mercedes-Benz needle. At the same time in order to avoid minute hand block countdown count, minute hand also done hollow. In the same time, the disk time scale has also done a little bit of adjustment. Yacht II before the time scale are square, and now the 12 o’clock bit when the standard into the inverted triangle, the other places did not change.

From top to bottom, respectively, between the platinum gold DJ, gold gold DJ, eternal rose gold between the gold DJ.
Finally, I want to say is that, because the new 41 mm DJ (126300/126333/126334, etc.) I have written in the previous article a lot, this time in addition to Fritillaria and other decorative, there is no special circumstances, so Not to repeat. According to the current market situation, because DATE JUST has always been Rolex supply and demand relatively watch, unlike some Rolex sports watch so tight, so in the discount, exchange rate, and secondary market under the influence of these factors, the price is better. The new DJ 41 mm disk coordination and harmony, and is 70 hours dynamic new movement, I think it is Rolex now buy more appropriate watches.

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I did not appear in front of the watch photos on the following, please look over. (Figure / text watch home inflammation flat)

Rolex 40mm DAY DATE 40

Ruth on the moon

Rolex Pearl Lady type

Rolex Women’s Logs

Rolex DATE JUST 41 booth