“Paul Newman” Rolex Daytona Replica became the most expensive watch in history

October 26, PHILLIPS Fu Yi Si Twentieth Century watch auction held in New York. The auction to the twentieth century legendary watch for the theme of the auction, to participate in the auction of 50 auctions are also the most legendary high quality of the last century. The scene actually shot the price of 17,184.4 million yuan, watch auction once again to break the historical record. “Paul Newman” How did Ditten’s come? In addition to it, the Fu Yi Si auction and what is worthy of attention to the watch?

Lot McDonald ‘s “Paul Newman” 6239
Basic information: stainless steel shell, case diameter of 37 mm, with the timing function, the use of cal.722 manual winding movement.
Valuation: more than 1 million US dollars, about 6.61 million yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): 17.7525 million US dollars, about 17.884 million yuan.
Watch Comments: When the “Paul Newman” Daytona will be in this Fu Yi Si auction appeared on the news, the collectors have been unable to convergence excited mood. Many people have to ask, it and the general Di Tong in the end what is the difference? What makes it worth a valuation but not directly labeled “Estimate in excess of $ 1,000,000” (more than $ 1 million)? From the perspective of the cheap replica watches itself, it is the same with the general Di Tong Na really different.

In the time of the watch on the use of art decorative fonts, while the end of the time scale there is a small square. In addition, the outer ring of the dial is also different from the ordinary Dieton series – minute scale and dial center between a small separation, and compared to the ordinary Di pass, the use of red as a time scale color The And it is very little of the world, which has become one of its rare reasons. And “Hollywood star Paul Newman born most often wear,” the title, but also for this watch to bring some legendary colors. The auction of the 6239 production in 1968, to today has been close to half a century, but it is not polished later polished, still keep the most primitive look. And this only disappeared nearly 30 years of “Paul Newman” appeared, it means that it will not bleak exit. The transaction price of RMB 17.84 million also broke the record of “the most expensive watch in history”.

Lot.25 Rolex Oyster Chronograph “Jean-Claude Killy” 6236
Basic information: stainless steel case, case diameter of 36 mm, with the timing, date display function, the use of manual winding cal.72C movement.
Valuation: US $ 200,000 -40 million, about 132 million -2.64 million yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): US $ 262500, about RMB 1.74 million yuan.
Watch Comments: In the most complex old Rolex Replica, “Jean-Claude Killy” is a sign. It will triple the calendar and the perfect combination of timepieces, Rolex is the first one is the only one with Oyster case triple calendar chronograph. In the history of Rolex, the continuation of 6236 style combined with more modern design, Rolex design more in line with modern aesthetic replica watches models. But this only 6236 after nearly 60 years, still able to maintain such an incredible product phase – relief facet, blue digital scale around the dial of the fine details are still well preserved. Even connoisseurs can not help but praise, this is a rare watch.

Lot.28 Patek Philippe 2499
Basic information: 18K gold shell, case diameter of 37.5 mm, with date display, moon phase, calendar, timing and other complex functions. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Valuation: US $ 350,000 -70 million, about 2.3 million -4.6 million yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): US $ 459000, about RMB5.5 million.
Watch Comments: Patek Philippe 2499, one in the auction market is not rare but every time you can take away the eye watch. In the high-end complex watches, Patek Philippe 2499 status is considered the most representative and most perfect. Its production period from 1951 to 1985, although the online production period is not short, but because of the complex function of 2499 for the tabulation process is extremely high, so its survival is only about (about) 349. Limited by the amount of time, at that time challenge 37.5 mm large diameter (then the men’s watch diameter is generally between 32 to 35 mm) milestone status, so that Patek Philippe 2499 even rare but also let collectors rush.

Lot.50 Patek Philippe replica 1518
Basic information: 18K red gold case, case diameter of 35 mm, with date display, moon phase, timing function. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Valuation: US $ 600,000 -120 million, about 397 million -7.94 million yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): US $ 975000, about 6.49 million yuan.
Watch Comments: In 1941, during the Second World War, Switzerland, Basel, there was a change in the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. In the year of the Basel Watch Fair, Patek Philippe to show the world this revolutionary position of the watch – 1518. It is the first perpetual watch with calendar. In that turbulent era, Patek Philippe had the courage to imagine. Patek Philippe 1518 there are stainless steel models, the world is only four. 1518 case material used gold or red gold, this time to participate in the Foyers auction 1518 case material for the 18K red gold, although the 1951 annual output, but we can see from the photo, its product phase Still keep it very well.

Lot.12 Patek Philippe 5029R
Basic information: 18K rose gold case, case diameter of 35 mm, the use of automatic winding movement cal. R 27 PS, 39 gemstone bearings.
Valuation: US $ 300,000 -60 million, about 1.98 million -396 million yuan.
Price (including commission): US $ 375000, about 2.49 million yuan.
Watch Comments: compared to the first two Patek Philippe, which is a “young” Patek Philippe. It was born in 1997, to today just 20 years. And relative to the complex function of Patek Philippe, it is a simple look like a small three-pin basic watch. White dial with Arabic numerals time scale, 6 o’clock with a small seconds. The whole is Patek Philippe’s refined simplicity. But even a simple look like a small three-pin watch, behind it has three asked function, 5029R can represent the quality of Patek Philippe, technology and innovation. In the auction market 5029R is still sought after by collectors.

Lot.40 Rolex Daytona 16568
Basic information: 18K gold case, case diameter of 39 mm, the use of automatic winding movement cal.4030.
Valuation: US $ 150,000 -30 million, about RMB 99 million -199 million.
Price (including commission): US $ 200,000, about 1.13 million yuan.
Watch Comments: a very rare and rare Rolex 16568, relative to the front of the antique table, this is a Rolex modern models watches. It was born in 1994, using 18k gold material as a case, dial is studded with diamonds, which also includes eight green gems as a time scale. Bezel is also mosaic with the product of excellent square drill, precious metal and diamond with the match, destined to let this Di pass will not be too mediocre. It is not only its external, built-in automatic winding movement cal.4030 by ZENITH El Primero in 1969 launched, Rolex in 1988 as the basis for the movement to be improved to become cal.4030 movement, and This movement is also equipped to the Dietong series, including 16568 within a variety of watches.

Lot.6 Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska III’ 145.022
Basic information: stainless steel case, case diameter of 40 mm. With the timing function, use the manual winding movement cal.861.
Valuation: US $ 5-10 million, about 330,000 -66 million yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): US $ 187500, about 1.24 million yuan.
Watch Comments: 60 years ago, Omega launched a super series of watches. In the 12th year after that, it won the greatest affirmation – in the Apollo 11 moon mission NASA NASA chose it. In 1978, the ‘Alaska III’, specially designed for NASA, was born due to the scarcity of production and limited availability. So ‘Alaska III’ in the collection market performance is never inferior to other luxury replica watches.

Lot.13 Cartier crash 34716A
Basic information: 18K gold case, case diameter is 25 mm wide, 48 mm long, using manual winding movement cal.841.
Valuation: US $ 4 million -8 million, about 260,000 -53 million yuan.
Price (including commission): US $ 175,000, or about RMB 1.16 million.
Watch Comments: Cartier design has been walking in the jewelry and watch the front of the brand, this Cartier Crash design is stunning. Irregular breakthrough design, the crown is still in use with inlaid sapphire design, but also for its brand after the design laid a foundation. This Crash was born in 1987, carrying a manual winding movement cal.841. In 30 years after today, still maintained a good product phase, in this rich Yi Si twentieth century legendary watch auction, it shoot more than twice the highest price of the price, or some shocking.

Classic eternal Rolex Replica

Now that we are talking about the Hong Kong films of the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, we will inevitably discuss the gangster film “Young and Dangerous”, which left a deep memory for the sake of a generation. Long hair fluttering Ekin Cheng played Chen Haonan and Chen Xiaochun played pheasant brother interpretation of the fast gratitude, rivers and lakes between the killing and killing was left in a generation of youth. Suddenly, “Hong Kong wind” blowing all over the river north and south. In addition to the characters in the film distinctive character, to the audience is impressed by the film frequently out of the Rolex replica watches. Today, cheap replica watches home for everyone to count some of the eternal classic Rolex.

Rolex Sunday calendar series 228238-83418
Product Type: 228238-83418
Domestic price: RMB 258000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: 3255
Case material: 18k gold, triangular pit outer ring
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Replica Watches Comments: At the end of the century, “gold” is the preservation and “hard goods” symbol. In fact, this is not unreasonable, precious metal material with Rolex’s hedging ability, “gold” is also a “hard goods” ability. The film “Young and Dangerous”, the pheasant brother Paolu, the hands also with a “golden”. This Rolex Sunday calendar series (DD) case material with 18K gold, bezel is a very Rolex Replica characteristics of the triangular pit outer ring, not only that, the movement is equipped with self-produced movement 3255, three days of power storage system enough daily Required. The new DD compared to the previous 41 watch, a small diameter of 1 mm, while the bracelet is also equipped with a new “President bracelet” design.

Rolex pioneer series 116610LN-97200 black plate
Product Type: 116610LN-97200 black plate
Domestic price: RMB 65900
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement Model: Cal.3135
Case Material: 904L stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex Blackwater Ghost In addition to the well-known 116610LN-97200, 114060 also known as the black water ghosts The difference between the two is that the former has a date display function, which is shown on the map of this. While the latter has canceled the date display window design. I personally prefer 116610LN, always think the date display window on the “blister” design is one of the Rolex classic logo. Of course, the new version of the black water ghost in addition to this design is different, the pricing is more “attractive.” Blackwater ghosts are loved by everyone, in addition to follow the submarine series of iconic design, I think the steel market and the demand itself is broader, the general public is more inclined to choose steel table. This is also the black water ghosts and even green water ghost “a table hard to find” reasons.

Rolex cosmic models Dieton series 116500LN-78590
Product Type: 116500LN-78590
Domestic price: RMB 95500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: Cal.4130
Case Material: stainless steel; 904L stainless steel; outer ring black Cerachrom ceramic solid outer ring with speed scale
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex replica watches universe timing Dietong Na, black disco Daytona relative to the white disk, it seems that more people will like the white discs Daytona take. In my opinion, black is the eternal classic color. And more in line with today’s theme “Hong Kong wind”, non-black disk Di Tong Na none other. As a chronograph, Rolex Daytona in terms of accuracy or design, are beyond the classic. Three sub-plate position, the overall disk color and ceramic bezel design are in the most publicity way interpretation of the classic.
Summary: whether it is “gold” or black water ghost, the most important thing is in Hong Kong, including Guangdong (vernacular area), “white” is equal to “white” (homophonic). So relatively speaking, gold and black plate Rolex more people in this region’s favorite. It seems that so many of the Hong Kong wind Rolex, there is no tempted to want to come?