You will choose which a Rolex relica watch

Recently, the author visited the East in the table line, saw the once sensational classic money with triangular pit pattern of the old Emirates and two explorers Rolex replica watches the second generation, since together in the eyes of the author appears, then certainly have to carefully enjoy Some, as one of the world’s focus in the classic two brands of funds, which a small partner like a little more? Personal feeling before the classic Knockoff watches to a slight advantage to say.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series 114210-70190 watch

Rolex old air hegemony, is a more classic of a watch, in the previous years was incorporated into the Oyster series of constant action. Compared with the new air hegemony, the old outer air hoop for the Rolex traditional pit pattern. Blue dial, Roman numerals, three-row chain design style set in one. There are models, there is money, but also unconventional a watch. If the new visual fatigue, then, to a piece of old air hegemony is also a good choice.


Rolex Explorer Series 216570-77210 Black Dial Watch and Explorer Series 216570-77210 White Dial Watch

From 1971 onwards, Explorer II began to travel around the world, to participate in numerous expeditions. It’s 24-hour pointer, allowing cave scholars and polar explorers easily distinguish between day and night, is particularly valuable. The newly launched Explorer II, with a 42 mm case, is an ideal fit for today’s expeditionary challengers. The accuracy of the watch depends on the built-in balance wheel. General balance wheel hairspring to strong magnetic alloy, it is difficult to resist the magnetic field and impact. After five years of research, the use of paramagnetic alloy Rolex, creating a blue Parachrom hairspring, not only from the magnetic field, seismic capacity is enhanced ten times. In the history, the blue gossamer will only be arranged in the most accurate timepiece, to show respect; now, the innovative gossamer also distributed blue light, to ensure that Rolex precise perfect, perfect further.


Rolex Explorer replica Series 214270-77200 black dial watch

Rolex Explorer watch, commonly known as “a probe” (explorer generation). In 2010, particularly high-profile, because the classic watch to be considered a popular watch, and to look forward to the gesture, by everyone’s praise. Watch a lot of technical upgrading are deep inside, and its elegant style is always the same Shen. The most significant change, is to expand the case to 39 mm (compared to the previous 36 mm in diameter), so that the new model appears to be more stable.

Summary: It is reported that Rolex fake watches hot water models have been sold out once the shelves have been sold out, the green water is a ghost table hard to find, some models are still in the state can be reserved. Although the popular models can not be bought temporarily, to a classic Rolex watch is also a good thing. Explorer II and the old Emirates are Rolex replica more classic money, compared to the table faithful will choose which one? Watch the table above are interested in the table may wish to take a closer look shop.