Panerai replica 684 and Rolex replica 116655

After the end of this year’s SIHH, I like the usual, again and again over the brand this year, new products, but because many brands are very much the introduction of the table, so it is difficult to remember in my mind, only one probably impression. Panerai replica this year, more watch a table, is undoubtedly PAM00700, from the case to the movement are used high-tech materials, but there is a table, so I inadvertently linked to the Rolex who, this table is Pei Nahai Luminor 1950 Series PAM00684. In fact, every time to compare the Panerai and Rolex, are very troublesome thing, because both are in this level is quite good brand, and in the price segment is very overlapping, many watch friends like both Rolex, and like Pei Satisfied that the sea, so a moment Yu Liang is always difficult to choose.
This year Panerai Luminor 1950 series 684 cheap replica watches, the use of 18K rose gold case, with black ceramic outer ring, take an extension of the rubber band, a small three-pin disk plus a calendar window, and let me contact is the Rolex 2015 Year Basel watch the launch of the yacht Mirage 116655, when Rolex launched a total of two eternal rose gold ceramic circle yacht Mingshi, a 40 mm, a 37 mm, 116655 is 40 mm table models. Panerai 684 and Rolex 116655 there are too many things in place, only let me think of a moment together, both are K gold shell, have ceramic circles, waterproof are 100 meters, are rubber band, are used Fluorescent scale, are equipped with the main movement of production, the size is also very similar, Panerai diameter 42 mm, Rolex watch diameter 40 mm, the price not to mention, all in more than 180,000 yuan, it seems like only Look at the meaning of God (throw coins). But there is a key factor, Panerai 684 limit of 250, this number is certainly hard to buy, although Rolex is not limited, but not to say there is, the market is not common.




Panerai Luminor 1950 series 684 watch, the official information that clearly: Panerai 42 mm watch the first watch in the watch can be diving. So, it is actually a very luxurious dive fake watches, although this is said, but it uses the 18K rose gold case, apparently not really used to dive the tool table, its waterproof depth of 100 meters, also Not a professional diving watch the depth of water, so it is actually a luxury with a high waterproof performance of the luxury watch. When is it suitable to wear it? Most of the leisure activities can be worn, even if you really want to wear it to snorkeling does not matter. In addition, as the Panerai relatively small size (42 mm) of the first diving watch, it is limited to 250, the official obviously also set it as a special significance of the collection of watches. From these aspects, its positioning has been very clear.

Rolex Mirage 116655 watch it? Yacht Mingshi itself is a series of tools in the Rolex, and submarine, are the first functional, yacht Mingshi has two generations, one generation is the third pin, a generation of timekeeping function, the second generation is designed for sailing Game design, more powerful tools, and 116655 watch belongs to the first generation of design, that is, a large three plus a calendar. Yachts Mingshi 116655 watch is actually very clear positioning, marine style, designed for water sports, with a two-way rotating bezel, patented rubber strap. There is no doubt that the 116655’s functionality is very prominent, but with the 18K eternal rose gold, obviously not a simple tool table.

From this point above, said 684 and 116655 is similar, 684 emphasis can be diving, and 116655 this is a water sports replica watches, so 684 outer ring 12 o’clock position with luminous function, the outer ring is a one-way rotating outer ring, And Rolex replica is a two-way rotating outer ring, can be used for a variety of timing. In addition to this difference in function, their wearing scenes and the crowd, is basically overlapping.


Technical content

In addition to the positioning is very similar, Panerai and Rolex are also very technical strength of the watch factory, Rolex Needless to say, we all know that Panerai is currently in high-tech applications even more than the top of the Rolex, Because it is still exploring a lot of advanced complex and conceptual things, Rolex is still on the basis of the traditional to enhance, and did not introduce the concept of things (but the table factory actually has been exploring the updated technology), so I have been Said Rolex is very stable.

So on these two tables, we are divided into several parts to compare. The first is the case, Rolex is the eternal rose gold, that is, Rolex’s own patent research and development of precious metals alloy, which contains platinum ingredients, to maintain a lasting color, so it is called eternal rose gold. Panerai is used in 18K rose gold, the same is 75% of the gold plus some other metal, but the remaining 25% of the alloy material and the proportion of Rolex is different. From the material, Rolex is to win a chip. Process, the two are not simple, Panerai Luminor case cross bridge, shell type relative to the ordinary round and square is quite special, is pillow type, Rolex replica watches is Oyster case, but From the structure, the Panerai Luminor shell type is to be complicated. And then the bezel are black matte ceramic materials, as for the ceramic or better technical content, because there is no detailed report in this regard, so let alone do not compare.

Dial it, Panerai use of the black disk, K gold time frame border and pointer, filled with luminous coating, this time with the previous luminous material is not the same, issued by the blue, the previous Panerai more green Light. Rolex is also K gold time frame and pointer, are covered with luminous coating, but also blue light. This is also very similar.

Strap, the Panerai is a ductile rubber belt, with a needle clasp, Rolex is a patented oysterflex strap, that is, in the rubber inner layer, there is a flexible titanium-nickel alloy, to maintain Wearing comfort and rubber strap shape, with a security lock with 18K Eternal rose gold folding buckle. From this point of view, Rolex is undoubtedly a lot of luxury, technical content is also a lot of high.

Finally, the movement of the surface, which is a watch the most scientific and technological content of the part, because they are very sophisticated parts. Panerai 684 watch is equipped with the brand self-produced P.9010 automatic movement, 4hz swing frequency, thickness 6 mm, diameter 13¾ points (about 29 mm), double barrel provides 72 hours power reserve, with separate Adjust the hours of the function (fast tune hours), arms wheel plywood, below the splint with two fine-tuning wheel gap of the amount of screws, no card structure, beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel, four screws fine-tuning. There is no doubt that just look at these data, in fact, can already see it is a very practical movement, and the configuration is also very good.

Rolex 3135 movement it, a generation of core, well-tested, I think a lot of friends have long been familiar with friends. Talk and P.9010 in common, the balance plywood are bridge, under the fine-tuning screws, balance wheel material, and then the movement size is basically the same, are 6 mm thickness. The same size of the movement, the Panerai has a double barrel, 3 days of power reserve there are additional hours fast function, Rolex is a single barrel to provide 2 days of power reserve, no hours fast tune. Rolex use KIF shock absorber, Panerai use Incabloc shock, which two good? For several decades seems to have no one up and down, each have their own good. Rolex fake used the patented paramagnetic blue niobium gossamer, Panerai did not indicate that could be Nivarox gossamer. Rolex with the pendulum Tuo bearings, Panerai ball bearings.

In general, Rolex patented technical components, especially the strap and movement level, is more than Panerai.

Market value

In the field of circulation, Rolex and PP is the king of the two major circulation, Panerai has maintained a high circulation of heat, many special watches have been fired to a high price, but the overall brand, the Panerai has not yet reached Rolex such a secondary market liquidity level. So the brand in the civil value of this aspect, Rolex is to take advantage of this point in the auction and private market evidence to follow.

Then, the Panerai 684 and Rolex 116655, I think will not be the object of folk fried, although the Panerai 684 limited 250, with a high scarcity, but the buyer’s market to determine its value in circulation The Today is worth frying Panerai is still those 47 mm, steel or a very small number of special material models, to comply with the original taste of the original table, 684 is undoubtedly a modern design watch. Rolex is now fried at the concentration of Daytona, diving tables and explorers, yacht Mingshi is not much speculation, especially this itself with a premium price (price) metal table. Of course, the hedge is certainly some, after all, are precious metals table, and have a higher technological content.

Summary: In fact, many people will say that the two are not selected, after all, close to 19 million of the public price, went abroad to buy a PP, VC, ALS, AP, not more cool. Buy the table, have their own good, it was to buy cost, it was to buy the brand, design and value of identity, who can not say who is right, who is good, who is just a self choice. Above only do a little simple analysis, there may be no point to the wrong place, are welcome to discuss the message.