Rolex fake three color plate

Rolex in China can be described as well-known replica watches brand, excellent quality it is also in the world market has more outstanding performance. Its novel and beautiful style, exquisite workmanship has won the high rating of the faithful. Recently, in the Rolex counter, several brightly colored dial Rolex watch to attract the author’s attention.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series 114300 red grape discs watch, deep rhodium-white disc watch, blue disc watch

Oyster: Oyster Rolex fake watches is the invention of the invention of integrated molding case, screw into the bottom cover and the screw-in waterproof structure, the Oyster, is the English “oyster, oysters” means, this structure is different from the then Welded lugs, pressed into the bottom cover and insert the head, but also a symbol of Rolex watches like oysters as strong and waterproof. Based on this innovation, Rolex and in the dial up and down, Oyster-type constant action is not only waterproof, and the design of new models, the use of color and grinding process are in place. Like the three Rolex watches, like, excellent quality, classic look, either two combinations, can also be separated separately to bring, highlight the unique personality.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series 116000-70200 red grape watch and 176200 watch

In the Rolex fake watches, the couple watch is particularly beautiful. Like this pair of red grape color couples watch, material and design style and the above three, with excellent quality and exquisite color value, meaning long-term sweet love. Two red grape dials echo each other, the hour and minute markers have a fluorescent coating, even in the dark environment can also easily grasp the time. Large dial, paragraph table chain show men’s atmosphere and tough style, a small dial, thin chain of women to show soft, delicate side. Two watch unaware of nature, is worth starting to watch the table section.
People say a “labor” and eternal, is the Rolex brand products affirmed. 2016 Rolex replica new products are listed, like and want to buy a Rolex watch friends, in addition to the above description of the three color male form, as well as green dial color and other styles optional, although the new Daytona is not in stock, but You can make an appointment, are interested, then may wish to store inquiries.