Three gold luxury replica watches recommended

We often say that playing table, playing table, in fact, some watches are not so fun, at least not you want to play on the move. The gold watch is such a class, I don’t doubt that most people can wear gold on the header table, but the chain is gold, it is not the same, we often say that pressure not to live, is this meaning. A lot of people wear gold cheap replica watches. They look like nouveau riche, but some people don’t, so I always think the golden watch will pick people.
Rolex calendar week series 228235 green disc Watch

Domestic price: RMB 278200
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement type: automatic machine
Case material: 18K eternity rose gold
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch review: to mention the gold watch, I think we will first of all think of Rolex’s Day-Date, about its history, legends are too much, summed up on two, one is very valuable, one is very identity. Rolex replica DD is the flagship of the brand, all products are precious metals, although now cutting also use noble metal, but can not and DD status in the same breath. This watch uses Everose gold material Rolex patent production, with head type bracelet, green dial, very low-key but full of personality. The surface of the Rome scales are all made of faceted polished gold scales, with a strong stereoscopic feeling and very luxurious. Watches are equipped with a 3255 automatic upper chain movement, strong performance, the collection of Rolex’s cutting-edge technology patents. Wear it, is the winner of life.
Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak series 15202BA.OO.1240BA.01 Watch

Domestic price: RMB 415000
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 8.1 mm
Movement type: automatic machine
Case material: 18K gold
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
Watch comments: in addition to the Rolex DD is a complete Daikin chain dress table, noble metal bracelet other senior brand replica watches, and even do not appear in the dress table, in the mainstream design, dress table is often subtle, restrained, so more leather watchband. Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak is a very good sport, but because of its excellent technology and stylish appearance, in fact, even if it is still very special dress collocation. The overall appearance of the watch is made of 18K gold, and the sense of luxury arises spontaneously, while the 8 platinum screws of the octagonal bezel show its coldness and fortitude. Blue dial with oversized plaid pattern of sun, this is a very cool Royal oak. Through the bottom cover, you can see its 2121 type ultra thin automatic movement. The gold watch is still very stylish and very handsome, and Audemars Pigeut is clearly among the best.
Patek Philippe sports watch 5711/1R-001

Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement type: automatic machine
Case material: 18K rose gold
Waterproof depth: 120 meters
Comment: Patek Philippe replica watches Nautilus, 5711R, although the rose gold watch chain, obviously, it is an elegant sport watch for sports dress. Watch the top of the United States, in addition to the overall shape and spirit, and detail of excellence. Watch the appearance of polishing and wiredrawing processing is in place, light and behavior between can see at a glance it’s special. The entire look alone takes a lot of technology and time, and is often worth more than an entry-level top wrist watch. Equipped with Patek Philippe 324 SC automatic chain movement, the details of movement and luxury are very prominent. More importantly, it’s a Patek Philippe that won’t be as hard to buy as steel.
Summary: buy a table, often see the fate, fate between people, we pay attention to coincidence and three consistency, is actually buy table, some table to buy to buy, but do not know which day I met. But more importantly, three consistency, Mendanghudui, especially like this gold watch, want to dress like the nouveau riche, alone can not completely save, it is important whether personal temperament could be Sumikin light exposure.