Best Fake IWC Big Ingenieur Automatic watches from China

Two years ago, the Swiss brand launched the very first fake IWC Big Ingenieur Automatic ZIDANE limited edition watch.

Cheap IWC Big Ingenieur Automatic Replica

The Calibre 80110 has a self-winding movement with a built-in 44mm x 14mm stainless steel body, a blue dial and a blue leather band. According to a new generation of engineers, copy IWC Big Ingenieur watch of wrist of Edition of set limit to of 45 inches x 15 mm thick stainless steel casing, and equipped with the IWC built-in Calibre 51113 automatic machine core, with a chain on Pellaton program, and ensure the power reserve from typical 44 hours jumping into quite an impressive 7 daysIngenieur Edition Zinedine Zidane dark chocolate brown dial and alligator strap classified as similar color.

The Arabic numerals on the dial are marked red because he kept them for Zizou when he played for France. The Numbers 27 and 45 are also colored in red. These figures represent a few minutes of play, and zidane is almost certain to score the two most important goals of his career. On the side of the case, at 9 o ‘clock, it can be engraved to remind you that this top swiss IWC replica only has this part.

The luxury fake IWC Big Ingenieur chocolate dial also has a power storage display at three o ‘clock and a date window at six o ‘clock. The last day around the energy reserve indicator is marked in red.

When Swiss watch company provides excellent and excellent high quality instrument, fake watch has strong engineering case. In addition to the extraordinary strength of the cheap IWC replica watches homemade model 51113 movement provided, they show superb craftsmanship, it is indeed the ability of the genius of the star rinse exactly the same.